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Introducing September's Suggested Read

Would you like to go on a highly entertaining expedition through Europe, with an emphasis on your visit to France?  If so, read Dave Taylor-Jones’ eclectic suite of stories called ANOTHER SIDE OF FRANCE.  These loosely-linked stories and vignettes are partially autobiographical, so you’ll get to know Mr. Taylor-Jones. He’s a friendly, intelligent writer with a fine command of his pen, an observant ear and terrific sense of humor. There are the visits to Terra Amata paleontology museum in Nice. The museum includes a footprint of a 400,000 year old man and has evidence of man’s earliest use of fire. With clever inventiveness and lots of local color, Taylor-Jones serves his readers a plate of intrigue here. Spoilers withheld. This is one book to relish.


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Dave Taylor-Jones


In 1966, Dave Taylor-Jones met a French girl in Paris who became one of the most influential people in his life. Christine and her family introduced him to the French lifestyle, food, and their unique way of looking at the world. Another Side of France records some of his experiences of French life in a humorous manner, and contains both essays and stories, presented like two sides of a coin, alternating slices of fiction with his life experiences.


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