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Meet the Team – Sammy Todd Posted in: Blog, Our Team

Sammy Todd is the newest recruit to the English Book Centre, revisiting steps from 30 years ago when she was a student doing her I.B. at the CIV and an avid customer for syllabus-required reading. Having studied English, Drama, and Classics at Manchester University, she worked in Film and Television for 20 years before globe-trotting to a paradise island in Brazil, falling in love and returning to the UK with a husband, child and samba-reggae…

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Meet the Team – Deborah Frost Posted in: Blog, Our Team

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who knew what career they wanted from an an early age, but I knew I didn’t want to just work in an office. Lo and behold, the day after I left school I started work in my stepfather’s accountancy practice. From there, after moving to Wales and spending a couple of years checking that the paint applied to bottle tops was the correct amount, having bacon sandwiches at…

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Meet the Team – Helen Meehan Posted in: Blog, Our Team

Helen Meehan is an English teacher and manager at the English Book Centre. She claims overcoming adversity and perseverance as her greatest strengths.  Raised in the perilous streets of Brooklyn in the 1970’s, she worked her way through the State University of New York and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. She had a career as a technical writer in Germany and now teaches English literature in high school in France. Helen also…

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Meet the Owner Posted in: Blog, Our Team

Not a week goes by that I don’t think of my high school French teacher’s warning: “You’ll never know when you might need to speak French.” to her bored class of young Texans struggling to get their lazy tongues wrapped around the simplest of French vocabulary – Oui! (Wah!) Non! (Nowh!) Je m’appele (Gee mapple… ) Most of us struggled and lost the battle. I lasted one semester. And now I find myself having lived…

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