Meet the Team – Deborah Frost March 18, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, Our Team

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who knew what career they wanted from an
an early age, but I knew I didn’t want to just work in an office. Lo and behold, the day after I left school I started work in my stepfather’s accountancy practice. From there, after moving to Wales and spending a couple of years checking that the paint applied to bottle tops was the correct amount, having bacon sandwiches at the early morning break and yes, bookkeeping again, I moved back to London and hit the insurance market for 5 years or so. Then my partner and I started our own mailing company, with me as FD. Fifteen years and three children later we sold and moved to France. There we bought, renovated and sold a number of houses, then following financial mishaps we separated in 2009. My partner returned to England, but I decided to stay here with the children, determined to see the three of them through school, whatever it took. It’s been pretty tough, but worth it. My two eldest have graduated from university and my youngest started this year. All three are multi-lingual, but I, even after 17 years here, haven’t quite mastered the French language! I’ve worked for Lin at the English Book Centre in Valbonne for almost 5 years now and I absolutely love it. I even manage to sell the occasional book to the fascinatingly diverse clientele, amidst preparing the accounts!

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