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About the English Book Centre

Founded in the 1980s and originally opened as a tea shop with books, the books gradually taking over — as they are wont to do –.

Located on rue Alexis Julien in the beautiful medieval village of Valbonne, the shop is run by Lin Wolff, with Alison or Anne often found behind the counter. We are easy to find as Valbonne village is laid out in neat, symmetrical rectangles planned by the Abbot of Lérins, following the layout on Roman cities.

Great Selection of Books

We have thousand of titles in stock and offer a super range of books — Biography, History & Politics, Fiction & Poetry, Health & Well-being, Home & Garden, Music & Dance, Sports & Hobbies being well supported, as well as a large selection of children’s books for all ages.

We also have a good selection of Language Learning books and are a main supplier of English books for French school children for their curriculum. We carry a broad range of rental DVDs, cards, calendars, maps and stationery.

Supporting Local Authors

We actively support local authors and hold several Literary Luncheons a year. Authors such as Carol Drinkwater, Ted Jones, Michael Nelson, Maureen Emerson, Stephen Clarke and Robert Camuto (to name just a few) have generously given of their time to undertake booksignings.


We hold regular monthly Friday evening book group with classic and non-classic titles discussed. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Workshops & Classes

The English Book Centre also offers a range of workshops and classes so please do contact the bookshop for further information.

Meet the Team

Lin Wolff Owner

Lin Wolff Store Owner

Debbie Frost

Deborah Frost Team Member


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